Fearful of Dogs: Things That May Help a Child Feel More Comfortable in your Home

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Your dog is part of your family and because of this; you treat them exactly like family. They may run errands with you, sleep by you, and even snuggle with you; either way they are part of what you are as a family and you see them as no different. You take care of your pet and their health.

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NuVet reviews are from customers that have seen some great results from using NuVet Labs’ products with their pets. But what happens when a visitor that comes to your home doesn’t see them as family and is scared of your dog? It may be a difficult thing for you to understand; after all your pooch is the sweetest thing! It can be even more complicated when the fearful visitor is a child. Fortunately, there may a few things that you, as a pet parent can do to help make your visitor feel more comfortable.

Acknowledge : It is important to acknowledge that this child has a fear and help make them more comfortable. Ignoring the fear and not helping the child feel more comfortable may worsen the situation and make the child feel more vulnerable in your home. Along with acknowledging the fear, also reassure the child that you will make sure that they are comfortable in your home.

Keep Your Dog at Bay : Make sure that when the child arrives at your home, your pet is in a secured location. This may be in an alternate room or behind a gate. This is especially important if your dog is a jumper or is overly excited to greet others when they come to visit. It can be very reassuring to any visitor to know that your pet is not going to charge at them when they arrive. Remember, your visitor sees your pet in a different manner than you do, so make sure to be respectful of these concerns.

Slow and Steady : Many people who are fearful of a pet will take quite some time to acclimate himself to them. This takes patience. As the child becomes more comfortable, encourage them to view your pet while they are behind a gate or on a leash. This should be done at their own pace. Allow the pet to smell your visitor if they are comfortable with this and then place your pet back in a secure location. Doing this frequently may not only help the child feel more comfortable, but it may also calm your excited pup down a bit and in turn, they may not be as interested with the small visitor.

Ask : Always ask the child if they are comfortable with the pet being let out, whether on a leash or not. This will allow the child to feel that they are in control of their own comfort level and in turn, may be more prone to allow your pet to slowly come around.

Know that not every person, especially a child, will be comfortable with your dog. As a pet parent and host, it’s important to make sure that your visitors are comfortable and feel safe in your home. Keeping your pet at a comfortable distance and reassuring your guest that they will stay there until they feel more comfortable is important.