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When Your Dog Is Constantly Licking His Paws

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As a pet owner, you may have noticed it. It seems to start out of nowhere; the incessant licking of the paws. Your dog may have never exhibited this behaviour before, but now seems to be unable to stop licking their paws. It can truly become problematic and irritating for you and your pooch. You may notice lots of wet spots randomly in your home or maybe you notice your pet’s paws are becoming red and inflamed. In any case, your pet’s licking could be caused by a wide variety of reasons and should be brought up to your vet as soon as it is noticed as it could be indicative of other problems.

Allergies – A common cause of pet licking could be allergies. A dog’s paws are constantly exposed to elements and environmental irritants. In reality, most pet parents don’t take the time to wipe down their pooches pads every time they out outside, so in turn, your dog wears whatever they have been exposed to until they are cleaned. If your dog has an allergy to whatever they have been exposed to, it can progressively continue to worsen the irritation with each exposure.

Nervousness/Anxiety- Some pups chew and lick paws due to behavioural factors such as nervousness or anxiety. Some pooch parents find this cause a bit more difficult to address since it can occur when they pup is left home alone, or while the owner is busy doing other things at home.

Grooming – Dogs groom themselves by licking, so sometimes it can be just that, a good old fashion grooming. If you suddenly notice your pup’s licking, but it doesn’t seem to be out of the ordinary, it could be just a daily grooming you are catching a glimpse of, however if it seems out of character for your pup, the cause may be something else.

Pain – Just as you may do if you were in pain, your dog may do the same; rub, or in this case lick, the area that is hurting them. If you suddenly notice your dog licking a particular paw, or any area on their body for that matter, pain may be the culprit. If you suspect this to be the case, a visit to your vet may be warranted.

Boredom – Unfortunately, your dog may be licking out of sheer boredom. Make sure your pup has appropriate toys or chew toys that they can access. Making sure they get enough exercise may also help curve this behaviour by providing them with plenty of time to release energy and stay active. Along with exercise, provide your pup with a healthy diet and consider adding a NuVet Lab nutritional supplement to your dog’s daily routine. NuVet reviews’ customers have shared their personal experiences with NuVet Labs products. Read the NuVet reviews to learn more about these supplements and what benefits they may provide for your pet.

No matter what the underlying cause of your dog’s licking, it’s important to keep a close eye on the behaviour and discuss it with your veterinarian. They may be able to provide you with more insight as to how to address the concern based on your dog’s individual needs and situation.

Raw Dog Food : Pros and Cons

NuVet Labs ReviewsIf you are a pet parent you most likely have heard about raw dog food. It seems to be everywhere and a lot of buzz has been created about it as it has quickly become a very controversial topic. It’s important to understand what a raw dog food diet is about and to do your research before you make a decision whether or not it’s a good choice for your pup. As with any dietary decisions, it’s also imperative that you discuss the raw dog food diet with your vet prior to making that decision.

The raw dog food diet can be explained in a variety of ways. Overall, it can be summarized as a diet that consists of raw fruits and veggies, raw meats and animal bones. The pet owner purchases and provides all of the whole food ingredients and meats that are provided to their dog. The philosophy behind it is that this diet provides more of the original feed for dogs that they used to consume rather than grain based food that is commonly fed to them today. Many spinoffs of the raw food diet have also become available for purchase such as freeze dried versions which offer a combination of this diet along with raw meats that are provided at home by the pet owner. As with any dietary changes, there are multiple positives and negatives that have been experienced and noted. A few possibilities have been provided.

Pros - Many claim that the diet elicits healthier skin as well as cleaner teeth. There are also claims that energy levels of dogs are higher while on this diet. Additionally, the owner can control which types of produce and meats are fed to their dog. Based on which foods the owner selects, such as organic or natural selections, they are able to limit the additives or preservatives that are in the food being fed to their pooch.

Cons – Bacteria in raw meat may cause complications and illnesses for your dog. Many claim the raw diet is not balanced appropriately to meet a dog’s needs. Additionally, there is an increased risk of your dog choking or having a bone get lodged in their throat since animal bones are not intended to be chewed by your pup.

As with any diet, it’s important to weigh your pup’s nutritional needs and discuss it with your vet prior to starting a raw food diet or any other dietary change with your pet. Feeding your dog a well-balanced diet and providing them with plenty of exercise is an important factor when it comes to animal care. In addition to these, consider adding a nutritional supplement from NuVet Labs to your dog’s daily routine. NuVet Labs’ supplements are specifically formulated with your dog’s needs in mind. Learn more about these great supplements by visiting the NuVet Labs reviews and read what great benefits NuVet reviews’ customers have seen while providing it to their own pets.

DIY Frozen Dog Treats

NuVet Plus ReviewsMaking your own dog treats can provide many different benefits for your pup and it allows you to control the ingredients that go into them. As a pet parent, this may be a great way to make sure certain ingredients are not included in your pet’s treats as well as any additives or preservatives. You may have pondered it before but making your pup their own treats doesn’t always have to be that difficult to do. One way to simplify the process is to make some frozen dog treats for your pet.

Frozen dog treats typically are made with few ingredients and are quick and easy to make. These treats can be a great way to help your pup cool down on a hot day or after a play session. It can also be used as a simple treat. No matter how you choose to use them, your dog will appreciate the tasty indulgence! There are so many options for home made frozen treats. Make sure before you start pulling ingredients out, your pet’s dietary needs are being met. If you are not sure what foods your pet should or shouldn’t eat, always check with your vet first. One simple recipe you may want to start with is this cool, delicious snack for your pooch.

2-4 tablespoons Peanut butter (adjust as needed)
32 oz. Plain Yogurt
1 Ripe Banana

Mix all of the ingredients well with a blender. Disperse the ingredients in an ice cube tray or mini-muffin paper liners and freeze. Once frozen, remove from the molds and store in a freezer-safe container.It really is that simple.

In addition to making your own dog treats, make sure you don’t overindulge your pooch. Providing a healthy, daily diet is important. Adding a nutritional supplement such as NuVet Plus from NuVet Labs may something to consider. NuVet Labs’ supplements are made from human grade ingredients are specifically formulated with your pet’s needs in mind. NuVet reviews are a great way to read about what customers have to say about these great supplements. Start learning more by visiting the NuVet reviews and decide which nutritional supplement may be right for your pet.

NuVet Labs Reviews : Pregnancy and How it Can Affect Your Dog

NuVet Labs Reviews
Deciding to add a pet to your home is a big decision for most families. Deciding to add a baby to your family is an even bigger decision. Along with the lifestyle changes your family will be going through, it’s important to remember that your pet will be experiencing some major changes as well.

Many pet parents feel that their dog is well aware that things are changing far before a belly even starts to show. Many state that their pet senses the change in the home and with the expectant mother as well. With all the impending changes that are not too far off, it’s important to keep your pet’s needs in mind and help ease them into the new adventure that is about to occur.

In some cases, the activity level of the expectant mom can change. This may be the first sign for your dog. You may find yourself tired and not as active or pay as much attention to your dog. Animals that are used to a routine run or long walk may find themselves being thrown off schedule. This can pose some unsettling feelings for your pet.

Another subtle change that can impact your pooch is your actions. You may be more protective over your belly or keep your arms or hands over it. This can send a message to your dog that you are not in the mood to interact with them. In receiving that message, your dog may not approach you as much or be more closed off towards you. Making sure that you allot some time for them may help curve this feeling for your pooch.

In some cases your dog may act out in reaction to the changes that are taking place in the home and bad behaviour will pursue. If this occurs, it’s important to address the issue immediately and work with your pet to overcome these concerns. Maintain expectations for your pooch and be consistent. Your dog may adjust more easily if you are making sure you are still providing them with the love and attention that they need.

Overall your dog’s transition into having a human-sibling join the family can be heavily dependent on how you react and treat them throughout the pregnancy. Make sure that your pet is well taken care of. If you are not able to be the one to provide the care, elicit friends or family to help. Maintain your dog’s health and exercise and continue to provide them with a healthy diet and routine.

Consider adding a nutritional supplement to their diet from NuVet Labs. NuVet reviews are written by customers and they have shared the great experience that they have had with providing these NuVet Labs’ products to their pet. Start learning more by reading these NuVet reviews and decide which product is right for your pet.